Watch How Ridiculous Lord Cheeto Looks After A Public Image Makeover (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s major claim to fame is his racist, xenophobic, narcissistic, sexist, homophobic fearmongering. It defines him as a person and as a presidential candidate.

Immediately after Trump met with Republicans on the Hill, something changed.  Somebody finally impressed on him that while his racist, extremist rhetoric plays well with the stupid people of their own party, it only plays well there. If Trump is to win the vote of any intelligent American he’s going to have to make some adjustments.

First and foremost, Trump has to cure his public image. He’s a rude, crass, disrespectful piece of shit. That, again, won’t play well outside of Republican circles. The obvious changes had to come with the postings on his social media accounts and the speeches he sends out on Facebook. Until now, they were just mirrors of his rage tweets and rally performances, bringing his poll numbers to stagnant at best, decreasing at most.

Consider everything you’ve seen and heard from Lord Cheeto and then watch this video. It’s painful to see how hard he has to try to look like the average, concerned American just trying to make sense of it all:

He sounds almost human. Well…not him but the words he’s reading. He sounds like a man so far out of his element and uncomfortable with the unnatural words he’s being forced to read that he could bust into a vicious “dirty Mexican” rant at any moment just to keep from imploding from the force of his own ignorance. How he’s going to explain siding with black men who conservatives are digging up criminal records on left and right to prove they deserved to be executed will be an interesting topic to watch unfold. He won’t lose votes for saying he could murder someone and nobody will care but he just may lose some of his white supremacist support if he keeps talking about black people like they’re just…people.

The sentiment was mirrored on his Facebook page earlier that day when he decided to suspend campaigning to allow people to grieve:

Thought, prayers, love, compassion…Where’s the talk of “thugs” who should have “obeyed the law?” Where’s the call for police to wear riot gear at all times until we “figure this out?” How come nobody is trying to push more guns on us?

Unfortunately, it’s all an act. Donald Trump knows none of those unless he’s staring at his favorite person in the mirror or leering gazing lovingly at his daughter. Kudos to the Republicans for convincing him to tone it down, but it won’t last. You see, at some point he’s going to have to get on a debate stage with Hillary Clinton. When that happens, the vulgar, sexist narcissist will show his true colors and Secretary Clinton will mop the floor with him.

Featured image via screen capture

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