Watch How Maine’s Tea Party Governor Flipped The Hell Out At Rachel Maddow By Email (VIDEO)

Maine’s Tea Party governor Paul LePage was nearly impeached over some seriously bad behavior he engaged in during his time in office. Since the state legislature was considering impeaching him, LePage decided that he would just opt out of giving his required “State of the State” address. His reason was that he didn’t want to go talk to people that wanted to fire him from his job.

In the end, lawmakers opted not to impeach him. This left the question: Does LePage now plan on giving the State of the State address with this in mind?

Rachel Maddow emailed the office of the governor asking the question in a very concise email:


image via video screen capture

The chain of responses that LePage’s office sent back are amazing. It’s like a child was trying to argue with someone over the internet.

LePage is a contemptable person who hates virtually everybody. But, the kind of responses that he sent – knowing they are going to a major news network – are just astounding. Doesn’t he realize people will see this?

See more about the email flame war that a Tea Party governor started in the video below:


Featured image via video screen capture

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