WATCH: Hillary Will Lose If She Keeps Saying Things Like This (VIDEO)

If you’ve been watching the Democratic primary process play out, you know Hillary Clinton has come down rather hard on Bernie Sanders. One of her major lines of attack is in criticizing him for wanting to get universal health care adopted in America, dismissing it as unrealistic. It’s a strange approach. This is the same thing that Hillary herself was campaigning for in the 90s, and the same thing she is promising now, even as she criticizes Bernie for it.

One thing that really sticks out, in particular, is a statement she made demanding to know where Bernie was during the 90s when she was trying to get health care reform enacted. “I don’t know where [Senator Sanders] was when I was trying to get healthcare in 93 and 94,” she remarked, with the implication that he didn’t care enough about it back then to help her.

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Pssst. Hey, Hillary. Watch the video below and it will remind you.

She even wrote him a personal thank you note for helping her.

While it’s obvious that both candidates have a stronger position on universal healthcare than the Republican option that will never exist, Clinton needs to accept that Sanders has been and still is a strong advocate for the kind of health care reform that she envisioned decades ago. That’s not only a weak line of attack, but it’s simply not true These sorts of bad faith politics won’t usher in another Democratic presidency in 2016.

Find out where Bernie was when Hillary needed his help to reform healthcare in the 90s below:

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