Watch: Hillary Is Brutally Honest With Her Bartender In This Hilarious SNL Sketch (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton had herself quite a moment on Saturday Night Live this week when she had the opportunity to play a wise and friendly bartender lending an ear and giving advice to…Hillary Clinton. “Val” serves up a shot of Smirnoff with a dose of brutal honesty as she tells the pantsuit phenom, played by Kate McKinnon, that no matter how long it took for her to come around on Keystone XL, at least she’s on the right path now.

The sketch is full of nuances about former Secretary Clinton that shows that she’s not afraid to poke fun at herself, talk about her past, her mistakes and her shortcomings. Complete with a cameo from (fake) Bill, The skit is a breath of fresh air and a great look at a great woman.

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Watch Hillary Clinton have some fun at her own expense in a brilliant SNL sketch.

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