Watch Hillary Clinton Make This Kid Cry, And You Won’t Even Hate Her For It (VIDEO)

No, this isn’t what you think. It’s not the latest rehash video of Mitt Romney dropping out of the 2016 presidential race. It’s Zeke.

According to his mother, Zeke’s not happy with the latest contender in the presidential election, Hillary Clinton. As readers can see in the following video, Zeke reveals after viewing Clinton’s announcement, Sunday, that HE wants to be president, so back off Mrs. Clinton.

It’s not that Zeke has anything against Hillary, per say. He just had his heart set on the office, himself. And then Hillary jumped in out of the blue!

If only Zeke could have possibly seen this coming.

Don’t worry, Zeke – you’re not alone. The entire nation was blindsided by Clinton’s impulsive leap into the race.

When pressed by his mother as to what he would like to do if he was president, Zeke said:


Sounds great, Zeke.

But ultimately each of us has to learn to take it in stride. We can’t all be president after all, nor do all of us want to be, as William Burroughs shares in the following piece, “Why I Stopped Wanting To Be President”:

But, should Zeke maintain his own passion for the presidency, he’ll have a good thirty-some years to refine his game. More than likely, though, his shock over Hillary Clinton’s announcement regarding entering the 2016 presidential election wore off within minutes and he went on with his life, like the rest of us are still desperately trying to do.

What else can we do? We’ll do our best and try to live under the shadow of mean old Hillary as she more than likely marches toward the presidency.

President Zeke will just have to bide his time until 2052.

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