WATCH Hillary Clinton Boldly Call Republicans Out By NAME In Planned Parenthood’s Defense (VIDEO)

While liberals argue over Hillary Clinton’s liberal purity, there is one area where she has always been undisputedly liberal and that’s on her commitment to women’s rights.

In her latest video, she goes after Republicans who are trying to defund Planned Parenthood because of a series of heavily edited videos that make it look like the women’s health organization, which is 97 percent about reproductive health for both men and women, is selling baby parts on the black market.

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The videos, by a tax-exempt not for profit called Center for Medical Progress, are lies. One condenses a two-hour meeting into a few minutes. It looks like the organization is profiting off of “baby parts” when in truth, they are, with the woman’s permission, donating fetal tissue to help with research to save countless lives. All they ask in return is the costs of transportation and handling.

On Monday, Senate Democrats blocked a vote to defund Planned Parenthood, but that doesn’t mean the war is over. Hillary Clinton’s latest campaign video seems more about passion and principles than pure politicking.

She says that Republicans are mounting a “full on assault on women’s health” (like they have been for years, now). She also names the Republicans who are doing it. Specifically, she goes after Scott Walker, who defunded Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin. She calls out Jeb Bush for gutting family planning programs while pushing abstinence only. Even barely running Rick Perry isn’t immune from Hillary’s verbal beat down, noting that in Texas, he’s dramatically cut funding for women’s health care while effectively shutting down nearly all the abortion clinics across the state.

Here’s the video:

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