WATCH: Hilarious Sanders Spoof Puts ‘Bern’ Notice On The GOP Clown Car (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders, Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate, has been getting more and more attention from the mainstream media as his campaign becomes impossible to ignore. Many pundits predicted his campaign would be nothing more than a side-note for those who weren’t ready to settle for Hillary Clinton. However, after drawing multiple record-breaking, stadium-filling crowds around the country, beating Clinton in some key polls, and collecting over a million on-line contributions in the past five months (faster than even Barack Obama did in his first) – he’s seeming less and less like a fringe candidate.

One of the many reasons some of Sanders supporters “feel the Bern” is because he has refused to stoop to negative campaigning, and has promised not do so to for the remainder of his campaign. This doesn’t mean that fans of political humor can’t appreciate the spot-on impression of comedian Michael Hayne featuring what Sanders might sound like if he was to have a little fun at the expense of himself and the ridiculous GOP candidates.

Watch: Bernie “doesn’t give a f*ck” Sanders spoof destroy the GOP clown car with “Presidential Words of Wisdom”


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