WATCH: Hannity Guest Tells Women ‘You’d Be Much Happier At Home With A Husband And Children’ (VIDEO)

Sean Hannity tried to play dumb when one of his favorite guests, Gavin McInnes broke into his diatribe on his show this week, but Hannity knew what he was doing. In fact, Hannity set up McInnis by running a clip filled with erroneous information designed to put doubt in women’s minds in regard to Hillary Clinton.

What the host did was show a few women who were “stunned” when his roving “reporter” hit them off guard by repeating a recent Washington Free Beacon report that concluded that Mrs. Clinton paid female staffers less than their male counterparts during her tenure as Secretary of State. The three women who didn’t apparently call the Hannity lackey out are shown flabbergasted with this news, one saying she “doesn’t know if she could vote for her knowing that.”

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Of course, the study is bogus and has already been discredited. As Huffington Post reported,

Notably, the Clinton campaign’s figures show the annual salaries of employees regardless of how long they worked in any given year. So if a woman was hired at an annual salary of $50,000 but only worked part of the year (and therefore earned some fraction of that $50,000), the Clinton data would include that salary in the women’s salary column. The Free Beacon report would not have included that employee at all. The Clinton campaign data also include employees who may have taken a brief leave of absence (sometimes to work for Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign). Because they did not work the entire fiscal year, they were not included in the Free Beacon report.

Taking out Hillary Clinton’s salary — we didn’t think it was fair to include her since she didn’t hire herself — the median annual salary for both men and women, regardless of how much of the year they worked, was identical: $40,000.

Of course that didn’t stop the famous purveyor of propaganda to use the flawed Free Beacon report and act like it was somehow legitimate. Hannity’s purpose here was to create the premise of “you women don’t know anything but big strong Sean Hannity and his friends are here to teach you women what is what.”

That premise would bridge the two seemingly unrelated parts.

After the obligatory nightly trash fest of Mrs. Clinton, Hannity introduced his guest Gavin McInnes, author of “The Death Of Cool” to pick the misogyny ball up and run with it. McInnes wasted no time and began a barrage of insults hurled directly at Hannity’s other guest, Fox News Contributor and Attorney Tamara Holder. . .

 Women do earn less in American because they choose to,” he said. “They would rather go to their daughter’s piano recital than stay all night at work, working on a proposal, so they end up earning less. They’re less ambitious.”

“What?” replied Holder, totally flabbergasted by the brazen and unashamed misogyny that was spewing from McInnes’s lips.

“This is sort of God’s way — this is nature’s way — of saying women should be at home with the kids,” he said. “They’re happier there.

A stunned Holder recovered and refuted just about everything McInnes and Hannity said, but that didn’t stop this misogynistic hate fest from continuing as McInnes just kept poking with lines even he knew were inflammatory and weren’t true. it was obvious he was just having a good ol’ time picking on a woman. Just trying to get her mad so he could play the “see how emotional you get, honey” card. Some of it was simply so off-putting that surely even chauvinists and misogynists around the globe were probably standing up and saying “whoa, slow down there buddy, let’s not get carried away.”

It was as cruel as it was sickening. Despite their attempts to get under her skin, Holder was a champ through it all. Counter-punching and not letting any of their lies or insults stand – not once did she take the bait or lose her cool.

Hannity meanwhile chuckled and laughed and never once countered anything the creepy McInnes said. At one point, Hannity did a small face-palm but then resumed his laugh along never correcting or chastising McInnes.

Towards the end, the Fox host at least acknowledged that “women have a choice” to stay at home or go into the workplace. Oh gee, really Sean? So good of you to acknowledge women can make their own choices in life. You just believe as your mouthpiece McInnis was spitting out at Holder. Namely that women just make the wrong choices and need a man like you to dictate and teach them the “right choices.”

You’re making a mistake. You would be much happier at home with a husband and children.

It was the “barefoot and pregnant” wing of the GOP on proud display with Sean Hannity leading the way.

Watch the explosive and  disgusting display HERE:

These radical right wingers believe such radical and backwards nonsense it’s starting to seem like we live in the Twilight Zone rather than America. The only thing worse than their thoughts is that people like Sean Hannity can spew this cancerous message to so many dimwitted souls watching his propaganda hour.

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