WATCH: Hannity Goes APESH*T After CNN Reporter Exposes Him: They ‘Literally’ Kiss Hillary’s A**

Fox New Host and number one Donald Trump groupie Sean Hannity doesn’t like being called out by real journalists like CNN’s Brian Stelter.

Earlier in August, Stelter took the mullet-loving neocon windbag to the tool shed for having zero journalistic integrity after Hannity spread erroneous rumors about Hillary Clinton’s health.

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This whole ‘Clinton is secretly sick’ thing has been promoted by conservative news sites for years,” Stelter remarked. “There is a grain of truth to the idea about her health because she did have a health scare in 2012. It was well reported at the time. But her doctors now say she is physically fit to be president.

But Hannity’s not interested in the truth about Clinton’s health,” he continued. “If he was, he could have interviewed people who were actually there during the episodes.

Look. Conspiracy theories are so much more interesting than the truth,” Stelter explained. “But the last time I checked, Fox still has the word ‘news’ in its name.

Stelter also exposed Hannity as a Trump puppet and called the Fox News host the worst thing anyone could ever call a proud right-wing nut job like Hannity. Stelter said:

Right now it’s the Republican candidate for President who is trying to delegitimize our democratic process without proof. It is unpatriotic for any interviewer or any journalist to help him.

On Monday’s edition of Fox and Friends, Hannity unloaded his full red-faced blustery fury upon Stelter via telephone. The conservative host said that everyone at CNN “literally kiss Hillary’s ass and Obama’s ass every day.”

There’s a double standard in everything. Donald Trump, Mike Pence said to me the other night that they’re playing two-on-one. The media is so in the tank, so on-board for Hillary, they’re abusively biased,” Hannity whined via phone.

“I literally watched a show on CNN over the weekend and you got this little pipsqueak named Brian Stelter,” he said, clearly still stinging from Stelter’s excoriation of him last week for trafficking in right-wing conspiracy theories regarding Hillary Clinton’s health.

Hannity then went on to defend his big spoon (Donald Trump) by whining about his candidate’s “unfair coverage” by CNN, as compared to how they cover Clinton and Obama.

Hannity went on, “And he allowed this arrogant professor from the Kennedy School of Journalism, to talk about Trump being a demagogue and demagogues like Trump becoming dictators. That’s the type of coverage that CNN offers in this presidential race as they literally kiss Hillary’s ass and Obama’s ass every day.

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt made a production of chiding Hannity about his use of language during a morning show.

Wait a minute, Sean, I don’t know if we can say that. It’s early,” she said.

“I think it’s too late, we were going to go on a delay,” said fellow co-host Brian Kilmeade.

Hannity apologized, saying, “By the way, I say that on my show every night. I’m sorry guys.

Skip to 4:27 to hear interaction.

Conservative media hacks like Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly never miss an opportunity to drop to their knees and inflate Trump’s ever deflating ego.

The Fox News channel, in general, has become a giant surrogate for Donald Trump, with even Fox host Megyn Kelly joining the Trump team after pretending to be a real journalist for five minutes.

But, what’s even crazier is that all of the ultra right-wing media personalities like Hannity, who intravenously consume Trump’s Kool-aid, are actually making Glenn Beck look relatively sane.

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