Watch Greedy GOP State Senator Call Uninsured TN Man An ‘A-hole’ (VIDEO)

With each passing day, the Republican party finds a new complete and utter greedy scumbag to demonize the poor and deny them the most basic needs–all while naturally coddling rich guys with boats that can be parked inside bigger boats. They’re pretty much gangsta in their flagrant disregard for the middle and lower class, and they will stop at nothing to ensure that morons continue to vote against their economic self-interests.

But Republican state Senator Gardenhire (R-TN), either unfamiliar with camera phones, or just so gangsta that he was all like “come at me!” was apparently caught on film calling  an uninsured activist in Tennessee an “a-hole.” It should be noted that Gardenhire had rejected a plan to expand Medicaid to 280,000 uninsured residents in Tennessee. After all, they’re eating lobster while getting facials and mud baths, so it’s not like they need it anyway.

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Watch the exchange below:

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H/T: Huffington Post | Featured image by Michael Hayne of

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