Watch GOP Implode: Douche Jeb Bush BUSTED Trying To Sabotage Lunatic Donald Trump

There is a story about a young woman, angrily attacking Trump at one of his own rallies, accusing him of not being a friend to women. She also demanded to know if so, would she make the same money as a man and have control of her own body if he were president.

Look at that stare. Youtube Screen Capture

Look at that stare. Youtube Screen Capture

The problem here is, she does not care about any of these things, including her own body.

Meet Lauren Batchelder:  JEB BUSH EMPLOYEE. No really, this is not a joke.

Lauren 1

Lauren Batchelder Proof Plant: Photo: Twitter Screen capture from

After the tense exchange and the icy glare she was captured shooting at Trump, everyone started Googling her by name. Not long after, searchers found a resume listing “intern at Jeb Bush for President 2016” and a Twitter feed containing pro-Bush tweets.

So lets let this sink in. She is standing there looking angrier than a nest of hornets, wanting to know if Trump is a “friend to women” and demanding equal pay for equal work, and the right to control her own body, but she works for a pro-billionaire, pro-life Republican — who literally cares not one half a sh*t about any of these things.

But wait, it gets better. The Bush camp tried to distance themselves from her, however it will be very hard seeing as she seems to be around Jeb frequently and also makes multiple references to being employed by him on Twitter above, and on the screen cap of her LinkedIn profile below.

Lauren in the audience with Jeb. Twitter Screen Capture

Lauren in the audience with Jeb. Twitter Screen Capture


Lauren 3

Lauren’s LinkedIn profile.  (Click To Enlarge)Twitter Screen Capture 

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Allie Brandenburger, a spokeswoman for Bush’s campaign, said Batchelder is not a paid staff member and attended the convention on her own. Notice how she had to use the word “paid.”

Bush’s lead spokesman Tim Miller, took it one further and denied she is even a staffer at all, right after Brandenburger had to stipulate “paid.” Too late Tim.

Honestly though, this all did seem just a bit too perfect. Here is this young woman with the most cold and angry glare you might ever see, standing in a huff starting at Trump for all the cameras to see. Lauren has sadly since deleted her Twitter account, and the Bush campaign is in full denial mode, but do we really believe nobody on his side had ANYTHING to do with this? Of course we don’t. Republicans use this class of staffer as disposable fodder constantly, and when they get caught they shun them and claim they don’t know them at all. Jeb will definitely have to deal with the blowback from Trump on this one, and it should make for some hilarious filth-flinging at the next Republican debate.


Featured image via Youtube screen capture

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