WATCH: Gloria Estefan To Colbert: ‘I Am A Refugee’ (VIDEO)

Gloria Estefan, 58, came to this country as  refugee from Cuba when she was a child. She, and her husband Emilio Estefan, have received the Medal of Freedom, the highest honor our government can pay a civilian. When she visited Stephan Colbert, Gloria weighed in on what that award means to her, and on America’s response to the Syrian Refugees.

Gloria is uniquely qualified to comment on the Syrian Refugees. Showing the wisdom of a lifetime, Gloria reminds us that those that do not know history are doomed to repeat it:

I took literature of the Holocaust, and when I saw that Cuba turned away a giant boat of Jews when they had tried to escape there, and it happened here too, and then later a lot of them were killed, it’s… we can’t let that happen. This is what we are about, we just have to do it the right way.

America is a great country, but contrary to apparent conservative belief the “American Dream” is not to get rich in an all white, Christians only “paradise.”

It is to bring all of yourself to the table, your culture, your wisdom, your knowledge and build the best life possible with it — like Gloria Estefan, her father and husband. It is also reaching down to pull those up that are struggling to get there, welcoming them after they have been vetted, not slamming the gates shut on those forced to flee their decimated homeland by a nightmare.

You can enjoy all of the freedoms and benefits of living in this country, and worship a God of your choosing, in your own way, and no one will behead you. However, what many are forgetting is that there is nothing in the “American Dream” about turning away those that need a safe haven.

Here is the full interview with Stephan Colbert:


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