WATCH: George Carlin On ‘The Little Things We Have In Common’ (VIDEO)

There are a lot of things that divide us — class, race, sexual preference, ethnicity, and religion, among many others — and while it’s useful to recognize those divisions, it’s important to not allow the divisions define who we are as people. For every one division we have, we multiple things in common.

They’re little things, and they’re things that we don’t think about — but fortunately for us, the great comedian, George Carlin, enumerated them during one of his many stand-up routines.

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From chain link fences to lost stairs

Politics is divisive — and that’s by design. However, from time to time, these differences can run away with us, and we forget that there are real people on the other side.

People with whom we have the same human experience in common.

Sometimes, we just need a reality check to remind us that there are certain aspects of the human experience that are universal — although they’re not the ones that we usually dwell on.

For instance, in his litany of examples, Carlin mentions walking up stairs. For some reason, this is can be very challenging for people, myself included: I know that there are plenty of times I’ve overestimated the number of stairs, exactly like Carlin said.

And while I’ve never tried to pick up suitcase that was empty, I’ve almost knocked myself over trying to pick up a box I thought was full.

My vision is bad, though, so I can’t totally relate to the chain link fence — although I do the pillow (and I know why, but there’s no point in spoiling the joke).

In short, there are plenty of little things that link us together — much like a chain link fence — and sometimes we need a reality check to remind ourselves of this.

Watch George Carlin Below:


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