Watch George Carlin Beautifully Expose Our Cynical Political System (VIDEO)

If there ever was a god, I’m fairly certain George Carlin would call him/her/it out for committing some form of hypocrisy. Carlin’s incorrigibly iconoclastic attitude, distrust of “those in charge,” and penetrating insights on human nature made him one of the sharpest minds of the 20th century. Alas, Carlin is no longer with us. But, even if one of the greatest comics to ever grace the stage is no longer with us in the flesh, his acerbic spirit lives on YouTube.

When it came to questioning the cynical motives of authority and the trickery it presents to an ignorant society, George Carlin was there to make sure we all knew the skinny. On the issue of politics and the inherent illusions in our two-party system, Carlin categorically called out the purveyors of this deception. Carlin never really identified with a political party and, in fact, hated groups.

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But, one can’t help but think he would embrace Senator Bernie Sanders, given how much Sanders loathes the men pulling the strings. But I digress. . .

Watch George Carlin Brilliantly Explain Our Illusion Of Political Choice 

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