WATCH: Gay Democratic Rep. Gives Cowardly Repubs HELL Over Anti-LGBT Defense Bill (VIDEO)

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) delivered the speech of his life on the House floor in opposition to the despicable anti-LGBT provision House Republicans chose to sneak into a defense spending bill titled FY-17 NDAA.

Maloney proposed an amendment to exclude the “Russell Amendment,” proposed by GOP Oklahoma Rep. Steve Russell, which effectively nullified President Obama’s protection order. Russell claimed that the president’s order “unduly burdens the practice of religion.”

Maloney made it clear that he would not support any bill that includes language to allowing for discrimination:

I never voted against the defense bill, and I never thought I would,” Maloney said. “My dad was a veteran and was never killed serving his country. He taught me to respect those who serve, and to speak plainly about right and wrong, so let me speak plainly now: This bill writes anti-gay bias in federal law.

The congressman, who recently married his husband after 20 years of being denied the right to have his union recognized by his country, put his Republican colleagues to shame in a passionate speech  in which he tried to appeal to their sense of decency:

When my husband and I got married after waiting 22 years, so many of you expressed your support,” Maloney said. “Will you now look me in the eye and say it would be OK for me to lose my job over it.

Maloney then hit a grand slam, making damned sure that at least one particular anonymous Republican representative felt the shame he or she deserved:

Maloney said, “Just today a member of this house, refusing to help strike this anti-gay language, said to me, ‘but you know where I am on your issues’

I said, ‘No, this is where you are on my issues. Your vote is where you are on my issues! And this is where your children and history will remember you were standing on our issues.”

As Maloney continued his impassioned plea, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan began to slam his gavel telling the congressman that his time was up. But Maloney would not let up; he continued to give his bigoted colleagues the business:

Maloney continued, “Mr. Speaker, we are told, we are told that we are to make America great. Well you can not make America great by making America hate!

Unfortunately, 7 House Republicans switch their vote, and the Russell Amendment failed 212-213, an earlier tally placed the vote count at 217 for Maloney’s amendment. This betrayal prompted House Democrats to shout “Shame! Shame! Shame!”

The seven cowards were publically shamed on Twitter.

Rep. Maloney did not attempt to hide his disappointment, and further shamed the cowardly backstabbing bigots:

The anti-LGBT provision in NDAA is not about supporting our troops, defeating ISIS, or protecting religious liberty – it’s about bigotry, plain and simple,” said Rep. Maloney. “We had an opportunity to strike this anti-LGBT language and in doing so, strike a blow for equality, but unfortunately many of our colleagues chose to strip LGBT Americans of basic workplace protections, saying it is once again legal for our LGBT brothers and sisters to be fired because of who they are, and who they love – this is wrong.  I am incredibly disappointed in many of my colleagues refusal to take a stand against discrimination and strike the hate.

Other House Democrats echoed their colleague’s sentiments.

After the vote, Maloney confronted Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) concerning the vote reversals, and McCarthy reportedly chastised Maloney commanding him to “Get back on your own side of the aisle.” To which the congressman rhetorically asked:

What side of the aisle am I supposed to stand on to support equality?

Featured image Screengrab via YouTube.


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