WATCH: ‘Free Hugs’ Show Just How Different Trump Supporters Are From Those #FeelingTheBern

A new video by The Free Hugs Project that is making rounds on social media shows the stark contrast between the supporters of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. The images show not just the difference between these two groups of voters, but the candidates they are backing as well. By default, the video also reveals that these are two very different types of people on the most fundamental of levels.

The unidentified black man held a sign that read “Free Hugs,” and he wore a tee shirt bearing the same message.

At the Trump rally, he was given the cold shoulder, to say the least. One woman told him that she would “punch him” if he wasn’t supporting Trump. Another man said that the world had “bigger problems than hate.” Yet another man told him that “there is no love in this world.” One older man backed away from him saying “I don’t want any drugs.” And one particularly charming lady shouted “white is better.”

The Bernie rally couldn’t have been more different. Person after person came up to claim their free hugs. Men and women, young and old. They welcomed the sincere interaction with another human being with open arms.

The difference between the obvious hatred of Trump’s supporters and the outpouring of love from Bernie’s supporters cannot be understated. The tone of each campaign is based on this fundamental principle from the ground up.

Watch the powerful video for yourself here, as my words simply don’t do it justice:

Featured image via video screen capture


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