WATCH: Fox Uses The SAME EXACT Propaganda To Attack Iran They Used Against Iraq (VIDEO)

In 2007, the war in Iraq was still raging. With no exit strategy in sight and the hope of another Republican administration in 2009, the GOP launched the next phase of its war mongering, led by its chief propaganda machine: Fox News.

Fox ran with the same rhetoric and lies it used to help convince Americans that we needed to destroy Iraq and remove Saddam Hussein. Weapons of mass destruction were a certainty. Al Qaeda was building an army. The same exact garbage they sold us to put $2 trillion on the country’s credit card so Halliburton and the Carlyle Group could profit from no-bid contracts was playing out again before our eyes.

Meanwhile, Iran was ACTUALLY building a stockpile of centrifuges under Bush’s nose, causing yet another foreign policy disaster for President Obama to deal with.

With the impending deal with Iran to dismantle their prospects of a nuclear program, Republicans are again calling for war. War is all they know.

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Watch the GOP propaganda machine take aim at Iraq in 2007, exactly the same way they’re taking aim at them now.

Featured image via video screen capture

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