WATCH: Fox Pathetically Attacks Jon Stewart, Calls Poor Americans ‘Parasites’ (VIDEO)

Fox News just can’t get over the fact that President Obama has their business model figured out: Degrade the poor, the old white men who watch you waiting for Megyn Kelly to have a wardrobe malfunction are listening.

In the latest segment of “nuh uh, it’s the poor’s fault,” Fox actor Eric Bolling takes yet another swipe at the president for calling the network what they are.

Poor shamers.

Bolling proved yet again that when the president said Fox finds people who will you angry he wasn’t kidding. Given the opportunity to come up with something real to discuss, Bolling instead whips out an ancient video of a surfer dude buying what? You guessed it, expensive lobster sushi on the taxpayer’s dime.

I guess they weren’t paying attention.

Bolling also took a swipe at Jon Stewart, calling the most trusted man in news “dumb” and “predictable.”

Dumb is spending days trying to defend your idiotic position, and predictable is yanking that video out of the archives. Insensitive and crass is calling the poor “parasites” and continuing your rhetoric that the minuscule amount of fraud in the system is reason to cut the benefits of those in need.

Again, they just don’t seem to be paying attention over there at Fox.

Oh, and Eric. . . Your “facts” are of course filled with mistruths and lies. The website you used as your source shows a decrease in the percentage of fraud since 2009, from five percent then to just over three percent in 2014.

Medicaid waste has decreased from over nine percent in 2009 to just over six percent in 2014.

Showing increases in numbers when the number of people on the programs have increased due to failed Republican policies leading to higher wage inequality and the increase in insured people under the Affordable Care Act shows that you care not one bit about those pesky little things called facts.

Watch Eric Bolling of Fox News make a complete fool of himself with rhetoric and lies.

Featured image via video screen capture

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