WATCH: Fox News’ Steve Doocy Can’t Say ‘Fair And Balanced’ Without Laughing His A** Off (VIDEO)

On Monday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump made an appearance on Fox News’ Fox and Friends to discuss the bomb attacks in New York and New Jersey which took place over the weekend.

During their discussion, host Steve Doocy mentioned how Trump received unfair criticism for using the word “bomb” to describe the explosion before any official confirmation.

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As prompted, Trump went on the attack against the media, especially CNN for ignoring the fact that his opponent, Hillary Clinton, also used the word “bomb” when making reference to the attack. He accused the network, which he nicknamed “the Clinton News Network,” of “editing it out” of his opponent’s interview, much the same way CBS edited a massive gaffe from Bill Clinton concerning the frequency of his wife’s illnesses.

“They took it out,” Trump complained on Fox & Friends Monday morning. “Do you think if that happened to me, do you think they would take it out? They don’t only take things out, it feels like they add things. These people are the most dishonest people. CNN is so disgusting and dishonest.”

“She used the words ‘bombs’ also, by the way, that’s true,” Trump continued. “I heard I was criticized for calling it correctly. What I said was exactly correct. I should be a newscaster because I called it before the news.”

“But what I said was exactly correct and everybody says ‘While he was right, he called it too soon.’ Okay, give me a break,” he complained.

However, the most interesting part of the segment wasn’t Trump whining about how unfair the media is treating him, or the fact that he found a way to take credit for predicting that the attack involved a bomb, but rather the split-second mask slip made by Doocy.

In one exchange Trump mentioned how “sometimes” Fox News didn’t treat him “nicely” either, but was quick to reward his favorite lap dogs (Fox and Friends) as being the sole exception.

Trump said, “Well CNN is disgusting and they’re disgraceful. I watch it all I watch all of it, folks. And sometimes Fox actually doesn’t treat me well also by the way, but that’s okay. You people do, that’s all…”

His compliment prompted Doocy to blurt out “We’re fair and balanced” before his face broke out in a wide, crooked grin as he chuckled to himself.

Even Fox News puppets can no longer lie with a straight face about their network’s objectivity. Hopefully, this network which has been a blight on intelligent American political discourse will soon meet its end.

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