Watch Fox News’ Shepard Smith Spanks Anti-Gay Kim Davis Supporters On Live TV (VIDEO)

Kim Davis, the gay-hating four times married clerk from Kentucky, seems to have replaced Josh Duggar as the GOP’s worst possible person to get behind. Fox News Davis’s release from jail with its typical white and Christian persecution complex, when sometimes decent and human anchor Shepard Smith interrupted to speak over the live footage in order to slam Kim Davis supporters.

Here’s a very cool snippet of some of the insightful things Shepard was saying, which he’ll surely be reprimanded for come tomorrow. After all, saying insightful things at Fox News is like a woman driving in Saudi Arabia.

“They set this up as a religious play again,” Smith started out. This is the same crowd that says, ‘We don’t want Sharia law, don’t let them tell us what to do, keep their religion out of our lives and out of our government.’ Well, here we go again.”

“When this started, this lawyer said he needed an accommodation for a woman who wanted one. She said she didn’t want her name on a license for gay people,” he continued. “Now they’ve come up with one, they’ve let her out of jail… But it’s not what they want.” (Deadstate)

Here’s the entire exchange below:


Featured image via Sccopnest

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