WATCH: Fox News Host Furiously Directs Staff To Stop Video Of Trump’s Embarrassing Curtsy To Saudi King

Apparently, Fox News hosts do not want their viewers to realize that Donald Trump is an embarrassment to America and a complete hypocrite.

On Saturday, Trump arrived in Saudi Arabia, a majority Islamic nation where Sharia law is widely practiced, and a nation that Trump has trashed in the past.

When President Obama visited Saudi Arabia, he bowed to show respect to the Saudi king, and Trump repeatedly whined about it and claimed that Obama was making America look weak.

Well, Trump’s meeting with the Saudi king proved that Trump is a hypocrite.

Trump not only bowed to accept a gift from Saudi King Salman, he curtsied like a princess.

Here’s the footage via YouTube.

Trump’s curtsy did not go down well with conservatives, who spent years complaining about President Obama bowing. And liberals were quick to point out the hypocrisy.

And of course, Fox News is desperately trying to keep footage of Trump’s curtsy off the air.

So when footage did pop up during Fox host Jeanine Pirro’s show on Saturday, she clearly became annoyed and gestured furiously with her hand in an effort to get her staff to cut the tape and switch to something else. And that’s why Fox viewers ended up getting a full-screen view of Kellyanne Conway instead of the split-screen that had been playing.

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Trump’s bow to the Saudi king is embarrassing to Fox hosts, who also spent years criticizing President Obama for showing respect to the leaders of other nations.

Therefore, Trump is not the only hypocrite here. Fox News hosts are hypocrites, too, for refusing to criticize Trump in the exact same way they criticized President Obama.

Donald Trump and Fox News had better buckle up and prepare for hell to rain down upon them. Because every time Trump does something that he criticized President Obama for doing he is going to get called out for it, and Fox will be reminded of how they treated him.

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