WATCH: Fox News Gets Onioned–Boy Does Hannity Look Stupid In This Obamafit™(VIDEO)

Fox News has yet another super embarrassing but unavoidable occurrence of getting fooled by a fake news story. Hannity began spitting and sputtering about President Obama planning on bringing in 250,000 Syrian refugees, claiming it would be basically letting ISIS pack them with terrorists like some kind of Trojan Horse.

The one problem with this is, it is a complete lie. But hey, does Fox News care about this? Do Republicans? Hell no they don’t.

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Hannity and Fox News completely got hoodwinked by a fake news story from a website, that if any idiot took 5 seconds and read the rest of their stories, would be able to tell is a satire website. Big shock, right?

The website in question is Lets just go over a small list of stories on the site.

  • “North Korea to host 2017 Juggalo convention”
  • “Trump: I would have prevented the asteroid from killing the dinosaurs”
  • “Obama to issue executive order extending presidential term limits”

The list goes on but you get the idea here. This story was picked up by Fox News and blasted repeatedly by them, and to such a degree, that presidential candidates started repeating it too. Donald Trump took the story from Hannity, lit his toupee on fire, and ran with it to anyone who would hold up a camera for him to scream at. God, they are freakin’ stupid.

Watch the Republican panic attack happen in the video below:


Featured Image via Fox News screen capture

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