WATCH: Fox News Contributor And Christian Conservative Activist Calls For Followers To Prepare For Martyrdom (Video)

Sandy Rios is a Fox News Contributor.  She is also vice president of Family-Pac Federal and is the host of “Sandy Rios in the Morning” on AFR Talk, a Christian radio company. There she ministers her extremist version of the word of Christ to a faithful flock that drink up every drop of it.

But the other day, at a gathering of right wing religious leaders, Sandy had a rather dire and violent message for her extremist friends and followers. Sandy suggested that if the Supreme Court rules in favor of gay marriage, they should prepare themselves for martyrdom.

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Really, she did. And you can see it here:



More like martyr-dumb.

Rios was not specific about what kind of martyrdom she meant, but usually martyrdom means being a martyr. And that means death. That can mean your own demise and others as well, like with suicide bombings.

If a Muslim religious leader dared utter those words, they would probably be investigated and arrested, but when a Christian religious leader calls for a violent uprising if a certain law passes, it barely raises an eyebrow. As absurd as her words sound to you and I, to her listeners, it’s all normal. It’s all part of God’s plan.

That is the really scary part.

And Rios isn’t alone. Others in the extremist right wing religious division have called for civil disobedience and other acts. According to their own words, leaders like  James Dobson of Family Talk Radio, Rick Scarborough of Vision America Action, Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel and James Robison of Life Today are “leading the charge.” Their brand new publication called The Stream reported on a recent telephone conference call discussing the issue and calling for their flock to resist in various ways should gay marriage be legal.

In addition to their treasonous rhetoric, the “men of God” seem to rely on perpetuating long debunked myths. Among other things the perpetuation of the falsehood that the ACA or “Obamacare” makes everyone pay for abortions, which it does not.  Also, both the men and Sandy seem convinced that transgender people go to all the trouble they do just to get a peek at someone’s privates in the bathroom.

But back to Sandy Rios. Her message is a much more simple one than some of her contemporaries on the religious right. Her message is if the SCOTUS makes gay marriage legal, “prepare for martyrdom.”

The Supreme Court is expected to rule in June on the issue.


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