Watch Fox News Cluelessly Confirm Their Own Bias While Bashing Facebook For ‘Censorship’ (VIDEO)

Fox News has been trying to bash Facebook over the false claim that the social media company censored Republican topics out of their “trending” news section. The story is not true, of course. However, a funny thing happened in the news room that day at Fox, as you’ll see in the video below.

As Fox News was trying to bend logic in order to make themselves sound like they know what they’re talking about, they actually confirmed that their own slogan, “Fair and Balanced,” is complete bullsh*t.

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See if you can pick it up in the video below. Hint: It starts at 1:30 into the clip:

The part where they complained about “some people” ONLY getting their news from Facebook being a “scary idea” is just too good. This is literally what Republicans do with Fox News every day!

Then they actually said journalists have an ethical duty to put their bias aside. Oh my god ARE YOU KIDDING ME? These are people on FOX NEWS saying that journalists have to put aside their bias in order to do a proper job. Holy crap, do these people ever watch their own network?

Long story short, 99 percent of this story is a lie. The lie is about Facebook. The truth is that Fox News is the most biased fake-news “service” in human history, and they are impossibly clueless about the fact that they are.

Featured image via video screen capture

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