WATCH: Fox News Admits The Economy Is ‘Much Better Than It Was’ Under Bush (VIDEO)

Cavuto on Business actors couldn’t get their propaganda straight during Saturday’s episode. Rumor has it their script-writer was busy inventing next week’s scandal, leaving Jim Cavuto, Ben Stein and a couple of extras to fend for themselves.

Stein chuckled a lot and reminded everyone that in 1968 the election was won because of civil unrest over Vietnam, not the economy. He had nothing else of use to add, as usual.

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The other actors were discussing Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and before our very eyes they began saying things like:

All Hillary Clinton has to say is that the economy now compared to eight years is way better.  Unemployment IS way down, the market IS way up.

What? No spin about 92 million people not in the labor market? Nothing about the impending doom of an inflated market exploding all over the middle class? Nope. Just the simple fact that the economy is much better now than it was eight years ago under George W. Bush.

It’s certainly something to behold.  They admit that Bernie Sanders, who they call a “kook,” will drive Hillary further left, as will the presence of Elizabeth Warren, who one actor described as “formidable” even though she’s not running.

People in hell are lining up for ice water as we speak.

Watch Fox News actors admit the economy is much better than it was under Bush.

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