WATCH: Fox Is Upset That Obama Has The Gall To Discuss Being The First Black President (VIDEO)

Fox & Friends isn’t exactly known for their ability to comprehend reality, and the more complex the reality, the less they’re able to understand it.

President Obama recently gave an interview where he said that unique circumstances surrounded his presidency, because he’s the first black president. Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy, of course, believes that Obama pulled out the race card, something to which Doocy and his guest believe he shouldn’t stoop.

The conversation on Fox & Friends was about Islamic terrorism, and played a clip from Obama’s NPR interview. Then Doocy claimed Obama was saying people don’t like him because they’re racist, which is “playing the race card,” according to conservatives. In truth, Obama said no such thing, but the conservatives at Fox News will think what they want.

His guest, legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr., said:

Well that appears what he’s saying. And we understand that racism is a strain in American politics and, unfortunately, has been a long time. I saw it with David Dinkins, as the first African-American mayor here in New York City. But it’s not an explanation. It’s not an excuse. He shouldn’t resort to that. It divides America, on top of that I believe he’s totally, totally wrong. He needs to understand what Americans are thinking and that’s the wrong way to do it.

Watch the video below:

Conservatives have long believed that if we don’t talk about something, it magically goes away. They don’t want us to talk about racism because it’s too divisive – it pits white people against black people (and Muslims, Latinos, etc.). They don’t want us talking about sex in schools because it will just encourage kids to go out and have sex. The reality is that they don’t want to talk about things that are uncomfortable, and if we don’t talk about them, they can pretend these problems don’t exist and remain in their comfort zones.

It doesn’t work that way. It’s never worked that way, but they’ll continue to push it because it allows them to stay in their bubble, and continue to be as racist as they want.

Image of President Obama by Maryland GovPics. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Flickr. Image of Peter Johnson Jr. via screen capture from embedded video. Images merged by Rika Christensen

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