WATCH: Fox Invited Mark Cuban For An Interview…Immediately Regrets It

Donald Trump is a showman, as in rinky-dink traveling circus ringleader, not a president.  Mark Cuban nailed this when calling Trump a “master of headline porn.”

During an interview with Fox Business New’s Neil Cavuto, Cuban pulled no punches when discussing Donald Trump’s love affair with the easily manipulated. He also destroyed Cavuto’s attempt to tar Hillary Clinton with the same tired, manufactured, brush that Fox always uses: emails, speaking fees, made up scandals.

“Donald has done a great job of setting the agenda for the media. The guy is a master of headline porn. You know, you just want to deal with the headlines and not look what’s underneath it.”

Trump is adept at manipulating the mainstream media, skilled at creating controversy and distraction from real issues, and a dyed in the wool salesman (read: slimy say-anything grifter) but not a public servant. He is NOT an issues candidate, having failed over and over again when challenged or questioned about policy, diplomacy, even geography… let’s face it, there isn’t much beyond the surface with Trump.

Fox News, especially, has worked very hard to keep everything at soundbite, headline news levels — not going in-depth with Trump, or pushing him on issues and substance. Echoing Trump’s pithy, smarmy method of lying often enough that people start to think the lies are true and saying whatever he wants to then quietly backpedaling toward reality without disturbing his ravening base.

Cuban scathingly laid down the fact that, at some point, “somebody has to govern,” that means that Trump would have to at some point “understand policy” and “get into the details.” Those are areas in which, according to Cuban, Trump has shown no talent.

“And there’s nobody better at it than him. But that’s not what I look for when it comes to deciding who I want to vote for for president. At some point, somebody has to govern. At some point, he would have to understand policy. At some point he would have to get into details. And he just has not shown a talent for doing any of those things.”

Cavuto can’t seem to stop the right wing propaganda spilling from his mouth throughout what passes for an interview on Fox, at all. He kept knee-jerking away from the justified criticisms against Trump and attempting to pull out ALL the conspiracy theory garbage that Fox likes to repeat over and over again to undermine Clinton.

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Cuban didn’t let him get away with that and took Cavuto to school when it came to emails.

“The thing about the emails, people trust her judgment when it comes to classified information because she’s never discussed what she actually did with classified information. The reality is, for 99.99% of the classified information she dealt with, she did it in hard copy, paper, secured transfer, everything was done by the book. She didn’t even use the PC. For her email, she sent and received emails from a total of 13 people. That’s it, 13 people. And across those 13 people there were 68 classified threads…”

Cuban shut down Cavuto’s attempt to claim that the “missing” personal emails were somehow smoking guns with the fact that EVERYONE that had ANYTHING to do with Hillary’s emails — in any way — had been interviewed by the FBI. There is no real scandal in her emails, but Fox, and Trump, won’t drop them because that shields Trump from his own real scandals with a smokescreen.

Watch Cuban destroy the lies of Fox News here:


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