WATCH: Former RNC Official Calls Trump A ‘Disaster’ For The Republican Party (VIDEO)

It seems that the farther into the 2016 election season we get, the more obvious it is to the Republican Party that they have a major catastrophe on their hands, and this catastrophe is named Donald Trump.

While speaking to Fox News Business, former RNC Communications Director Doug Heye said in no uncertain terms that Donald Trump is a “disaster” for Republicans. It is kind of ridiculous that it took them this long to notice the danger that Trump represents to the entire country, not just the Republican Party.

Heye has released a statement saying that as a “Republican operative” he will not support Trump should he win the nomination, which is something that far too few conservatives have done.

This is a small step, but it’s an indication that conservatives are waking up to the fact that they have achieved their goal of a terrified, hateful, inflexible electorate — just a little too well.  So well, that when Trump entered the exceedingly large field of Republican clown-car hopefuls, his platform of bigotry, misogyny, xenophobia, and fascism was accepted so quickly and internalized so deeply that the candidate seems nearly bullet-proof.

Heye mentions that the Republican candidates need to be thinned out, that their best chance against Trump is to consolidate the voters against him.

That may not happen because, as Newt Gingrich recently spelled out, the Republican Party has one more deeply held tenet that will stop them from “consolidating” against Trump: they are selfish bastards.


Watch the interview with Dough Heye here:


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