Watch: Florida Liberals Fight Back: Trump, You Are Not Welcome Here! (VIDEOS)

People of all backgrounds rallied together to protest Donald Trump’s train wreck of a rally in Sarasota, FL on Saturday.

After word of Trump’s little appearance spread,Answer Suncoast teamed up with UNO: United Nations — a recently formed organization for immigrant rights– decided to hold a rally of their own. UNO is no stranger to demonstrating against Trump. After Trump’s ridiculous statements about Mexican immigrants earlier this year, the group held a “Dump Trump” rally in Bradenton (a small Central Florida city). Saturday’s protest was dubbed the “Sarasota Unites for Immigrants and Refugees Rally” and drew hundreds of supporters.

I knew there would be Trump items for sale, but trucker hats…made in China? How exactly does importing goods from outside of the country help America and the economy?



Then, there was this guy. Thankfully, Sarasota’s very own local photographer, Dylan Jon Wade Cox was able to get proof of the racism that is driving Trump’s run for presidency.



Remember everyone: Trump supporters are totally NOT racist.

A perfect example of the Trump supporter is not only depicted in this photo, but also this Facebook comment that was posted in response to it.

Source? This appears to be propaganda and NOT at today’s rally. Do an image search on Google.

Poor Mike. This just goes to show how delusional Trump supporters are. The fact that this guy actually believes the Rally was full of positivity is mind-blowing.

The rally was such a circus, a supporter actually brought his elephant.




If your words are so uninspiring, that you need an elephant at your rally, you may be Donald Trump.

Thankfully, my fellow protesters and the support from random people driving by gave me hope that there is power in numbers, and our voices will be heard.

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And one of our very own, Shannon Argueta, held a sign letting Trump know that she loves the her child — the son of an immigrant.


What was abundantly clear at Saturday’s rally was that the people are not going to just allow Trump to steamroll his way into the White House. We are going to fight back and fight back hard. Trump DOES NOT represent the American people; he represents a small class of ignorant, racist, xenophobic and bigoted fools who have no idea what the American Dream actually is.

Donald Trump shot to the number one spot in the Republican polls, because the GOP is a party that has systematically discriminated against everyone who does not fit their skewed idea of an “American.” But their disgusting brand of hate is not what we want for our country. We do not want our children to grow up in a world where Donald Trump’s vile rhetoric can land him the most important job in this country. As long as there is breath in our bodies we will fight against the Republican Party’s hate and fear. And guess what?

We will win!



All images via Greg CruzDylan Jon Wade Cox and IYON staff

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