WATCH: Flashback Of A Killer Bernie Sanders Speech Opposing The Iraq War (VIDEO)

If we learned anything from the crappy Christmas sweater that was Mitt Romney, the majority of Americans just don’t care for the ridiculously well-coiffed candidates who flip-flop like it’s an Olympic sport. Bernie Sanders, however, has been solidly consistent throughout his entire political career…since 1990 for f*ck’s sake! Considering Washington is one massive Eyes Wide Shut orgy for wall street, that’s a hugely impressive feat.  Bernie’s anti-war (or anti-rational and unnecessary war) activism spans back to the 1960s, and he makes no apologies for opposing needless bloodshed for profit.

President Obama himself catapulted to fame for his early opposition to the war in Iraq, something that also gave him distinction from Hillary Clinton and the other 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidates–all of whom voted for the invasion. But President Obama wasn’t the only man with enough sense to not eat freedom fries and whatever tainted meat Dick Cheney and company were selling. Senator and 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders (I-VT), then a U.S. Congressman representing the state of Vermont, was also a very vocal opponent of liberating Iraq Iraq’s crude oil.

Watch Bernie Sanders absolutely crush it with his opposition to War in Iraq:

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