WATCH: Fact Checker Uses Rand Paul’s Own Words To Discredit His Candidacy In Less Than 90 Seconds (VIDEO)

Now that it’s official that Rand Paul has thrown his hat into the ring for the 2016 Presidential race. Naturally it’s now time to take a closer look at him and where he stands on the issues. And on the issues, Rand reveals himself not as some innovative libertarian or “new kind of republican” but as a new face selling the same old shtick.

Here’s some things that Rand actually thinks:

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  • He is anti-Civil Rights Act.
  • He claims that refinancing student loans could cause society to crumble.
  • He’s all for freedom, unless you happen to be gay and want to marry.
  •  He’s all for the tried and true (and discredited) GOP giveaways to the rich through the tax code and other places.

It takes our friendly “factivist” just 89 seconds to effectively bludgeon the temperamental “libertarian” candidate. He doesn’t even get into his radical positions on foreign policy or his long time associations with the folks in Stormfront, an organization that makes the KKK seem liberal and open minded.

Check it out HERE:


And as a bonus, check out this report from CNN that shows how he might not be ready due to his issues with his temper and his willingness to change positions with the wind.

See it HERE:


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