WATCH: Fact Checker Destroys The Entire Marco Rubio Presidential Bid In Less Than 80 Seconds (VIDEO)

Marco Rubio is rolling out his campaign. He is selling himself as part of a “new generation” of Republicans. But by his own words and votes, that’s not at all accurate. As this fact checker from “factivists” puts it:

Marco Rubio is a champion of the same failed trickle down policies that have failed us for the past 30 years.

Our friendly fact checker provides plenty of evidence to back up his assertion. He goes over Rubio’s constant support for tax breaks for the rich, on the backs of America’s middle class.  he also points out Rubio’s steadfast opposition to a woman’s right to choose.

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But wait there’s more, like this:


All in all, it takes him less than 80 seconds to prove why Marco Rubio shouldn’t even bother with this run. He’s not different, he doesn’t represent anything new or original, and in his short time in the Senate he hasn’t been on the right side of many issues at all. Just an old wolf in a new sheep costume.

Watch the carnage HERE:

And as the video asks, share this so everyone can get the facts.

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