WATCH: Ex Republican Senator Blasts Current GOP Hypocrisy And It is Brilliant (VIDEO)

Former Republican Senator Alan Simpson has a history of speaking his mind over the past few years, and not caring what you may think about it. It is hard to see how this guy used to be a Republican when you hear his opinions on things, but that really is the point. The GOP has turned into a political arm of corporate and fundamentalist Christian America, and has left reasonable people in the dust.

Simpson touched on social issues like abortion, economic equality, gay rights, and the hypocrisy of the modern GOP being the morality police while they are “diddling their secretary.”

I think the class warfare thing is going to get worse and worse, the income inequality worse and worse. This business of the minimum wage, ‘Oh, you can’t afford $15.’ Well, then don’t publish your quarterly reports saying you made a billion and a half. Give me a break.

Hypocrisy is the original sin. It’s the guy who’s checking your moral values, like to ask for Jesus, you know — while they’re diddling their secretary. That’s not my idea of family values.

If Alan Simpson was not already retired from public service, he would have been voted out easily by the fresh crop of Republican idiots for the sin of not hating people enough, and saying things that make sense, and actually knowing factual things.

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Watch Simpson’s comments regarding the current state of the Republican party, and their epic take down of it, below:

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