WATCH: Ellen Page Grills Ted ‘Tea Party’ Cruz At Iowa State Fair; Makes Cruz Derp Hard (VIDEO)

Earlier today, actress and activist Ellen Page donned a hat and sunglasses before sneaking up to question Ted Cruz in front of rolling news cameras. Unfortunately for Page, she was met with many of the same bizarre talking points and lies that have characterized this Tea Party candidate’s presidential run.

Ted Cruz Derp #1: Refuses to answer question that highlights his refusal to acknowledge history of legalized racial bigotry

The video starts of with Page asking about LGBT people being fired over their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Refusing to answer the question, Cruz deflects with the same old “religious persecution” rhetoric. Probably knowing where Cruz was going with that, Page attempts to bring up that many people used their religious beliefs to validate segregation.

At this time, it may be helpful to know that Cruz has a history of claiming that racial bigotry is different from discriminating against people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity, even though he can’t explain how. Earlier this year on NBC’s Today when Cruz was asked if he would support clerks for refusing to issue marriage licenses to interracial couples as well as gay couples, he responded that it was different because there was no religious backing for denying rights to interracial couples. Apparently this Tea Party lawyer forgot that until the famous Loving v. Virginia case in 1967, religion was used as the main argument in interracial marriage and cohabitation being illegal. Derp.

Cruz Derp #2: Repeats already thoroughly disproven “religious persecution” story

After side-stepping that point by saying he refused to have a “back-and-forth debate,” Cruz continues with a story supposedly highlighting how religious people are being attacked for their faith with a story that has already been disproven as a blatant misrepresentation. Cruz’s narrative would have you believe a couple was forced to close down their wedding venue and lay off their employees, when in fact it was a voluntary decision by the owners to avoid anti-discrimination laws.

Cruz Derp #3: Condones real religious persecution without realizing it

Quickly switching gears, Cruz then pulls a hypothetical situation out of the air to show he is a fair guy, and claims it would be just fine by him if a gay florist refused to participate in the wedding of Evangelical Christians. Ummm.. Hello Ted – now THAT would be true discrimination against religious people. Page seems to realize this, too, as she says she thinks the imaginary florist would need to serve everybody equally.

Cruz Derp #4: Pretty much everything he says about ISIS

After Cruz bizarrely blabbers on about liberal agendas and priests being forced to perform religious ceremonies of completely different faiths (which isn’t happening or been brought up anywhere), Page once again attempts to bring the conversation back on track to gay rights. The actress mentions how far America has come by no longer throwing gay people in jail, which immediately causes Cruz to bring up one his favorite talking points – ISIS executing gay people. Because, in Cruz’s mind, as long as we aren’t killing people for being gay, then any and every other kind of discrimination is ok.

Cruz fancies himself an expert on ISIS, with recent outright lies that Christians are literally being crucified. You’ll have to forgive sane people for not taking anything you have to say on the subject seriously, Mr. Cruz. This includes the next leap in the video that President Obama is not fighting ISIS, while completely ignoring the fact that Obama sought permission to formalize war against ISIS from Congress in February.

There may be no point in confronting a man whose campaign has been defined by lie after lie after lie, but kudos to Ellen Page for the effort!

Watch Ellen Page confront the Tea Party candidate:


Featured image: Ted Cruz image via Flickr | Ellen Page image via Wikimedia Commons


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