WATCH: Ellen Degeneres’ Brilliant Republican Debate Video Is Mockery At its Finest (VIDEO)

How do you not just love the comedic style of Ellen DeGeneres? Her live show from New York had a political bright spot when she aired an incredibly funny edited version of the Republican debate. With a Family Feud name tag and giant red buzzer, Ellen made the perfect mockery of the Republicans making a mockery of a debate.

It really was perfect. On gay marriage, Ellen says, “I’m all for it…Have you seen my wife?” A room full of misogynists put their hands up, smile and nod over the thought of Portia De Rossi. She plays the Beverly Hillbillies on the banjo for a smiling Jeb Bush. She steals Trump’s wallet and distributes his cash.

She makes them all look exceedingly stupid. Not that it’s a difficult task when working with talent like the Republican field, but still. Ellen does a fantastic job of giving us yet another chuckle at the expense of the clown car.

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Watch Ellen DeGeneres mock the entire Republican presidential field in under 2 minutes.

Featured image via video screen capture

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