Watch Elizabeth Warren Deliver 2 1/2 Minutes Of Pure Shame To The GOP Profit Machine (VIDEO)

Elizabeth Warren has proven time and time again that she’s one of the few in a congress full of worthless corporate shills that will fight for the working poor and the middle class of this country. In this two and a half-minute video, Warren outlines three bills she is once again introducing while offering a scathing review of the action, or lack thereof, of Republicans to help those in need.

Stating very bluntly that Republicans refuse to move on student loan debt, the minimum wage or fair scheduling in the workplace, Warren said:

When lobbyists want something; when a giant oil company wants the Keystone Pipeline; when Citibank wants to blast a hole in Dodd-Frank, the Republicans move faster than lightning. But when it comes to things that will help families, the Republicans refuse to move.

Senator Warren refuses to be just another puppet while corporate America dictates to our elected officials what our next laws will be, which regulation will be discarded and how much of our money will go to helping their board members retire. For that she should be applauded.

Watch Senator Elizabeth Warren give Republicans a shaming on issues that matter to the working and middle class:

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