Watch Elizabeth Warren CRUCIFY Donald Trump In This Commencement Address (VIDEO)

During a commencement address at Suffolk University in Boston, Sen. Elizabeth Warren took the wind out of Trump’s sails with a good bit of humor and a whole lot of truth. By highlighting Trump’s sexism, Warren was able to gain a round of raucous applause that set the stage for an all-out assault on Donald Trump:

How’s this speech polling so far?” she asked. “Higher or lower than Donald Trump’s unfavorable numbers with women?

Warren went on from there to articulate just how dangerous Donald Trump is for America, highlighting some of his worst policies. The speech was well-received by the Massachusetts crowd, whose applause was unwavering. When she does bring up Trump, the screams of approval from the crowd are almost as loud as when she gives a shout-out to Beyoncé:

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Warren’s speech was nothing short of brilliant; her advice a breath of fresh air. Her wit came through with shining colors. The speech is a testament to a truly great public servant.

Featured image by Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images

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