Watch  Elizabeth Warren Breaks Down 7 Years Of GOP Obstructionism in 30 Seconds (VIDEO)

It’s safe to say that no other president in history has faced such a relentless barrage of blind attacks and vitriol from the opposition like President Obama has. The man can’t do anything without the GOP throwing a fit.

Call it “Obama Derangement Syndrome” or “Baracknaphobia,” but Obama never stood a chance from day one.  Sen. Mitch McConnell made the Republicans’ mission very clear when he said that their number one priority was to make sure Obama was a “one-term president.” And now that President Obama has made his selection to replace the late Justice Scalia on the high court, McConnell is predictably throwing a hissy fit like a little a child who just dropped their sweets. Nevermind that the man who Obama chose is highly regarded as a centrist, the petulant man-turtle will have nothing of it.

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Always a beacon of hope and integrity amid a sea of  hazardous toxic waste, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren beautifully encapsulated the GOP’s seven years of obstruction on the Rachael Maddow show.

What Republicans in the Senate have been doing since the very day Barack Obama was sworn in is they have given in to their extremists. In fact, they have nurtured their extremists along so that there have been fights over basic things that happen in government.

Amen to that!

Watch the entire interview below:

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