WATCH: Elizabeth Warren Announces That She Is ‘Ready To Fight’ And Asks If You Are Too? (VIDEO)

She was introduced as the “f*ckin champion of the American people,” and Elizabeth Warren lived up to that billing and then some. Over the past weeks and months, Warren has flatly denied any run at the White House in 2016, and most take her at her word. It would not be hard, however, to mistake the speech she gave over the weekend at the 2015 California State Democratic Convention for a campaign stump speech. It had all the fire of one complete with great zingers and a crescendo finish.

After giving obligatory but heartfelt tributes to several of California’s best female democratic leaders, Warren dissected the lies of trickle down economics before launching into a candidate by candidate dress down of several of the leading GOP candidates. It was then that the crowd rose to a higher level of engagement with Warren, booing on cue as each candidate was unmasked. By the time she was done with them, surely some on the right were relieved that she isn’t a candidate for the White House in 2016.

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On Jeb Bush:

(Just last week) he said the way to fix the devastating problems in Baltimore is to … wait for it … blame the teachers. Now there’s an exercise in republican leadership. Ignore a problem that needs fixing and then point fingers at the people who are actually trying to make it better.”

On Scott Walker:

Recently announced a 300 million dollar cut to the University of Wisconsin system that is 13 percent of the public university system’s budget. He said, and I want to quote on this  “This plan protects the taxpayers and allows for a stronger University Of Wisconsin system in the future.” There’s another exercise in republican leadership, cut taxes for billionaires and giant corporations and then say there’s no more money for anyone else.

She then went on to skewer Rand Paul on his economic doublespeak pointing out how he claims that raising the minimum wage really hurts the people who have a few more sheckles.

Warren wrapped up her beat-down of the GOP and their policies by declaring she is “fighting back.” She then told the audience a cold hard truth stating, “We don’t win what we don’t fight for.”

That is when she really got going full steam. Warren listed off a diatribe of “what democrats believe in all the way down to their toes” and need to fight for.

This included things such as:

  • The law should apply to everyone including the wealthy and powerful.
  • That climate change is real and it is our moral duty to protect the planet for future generations.
  • That no one should work full time and live in poverty.
  • That workers have the right to organize and rebuild our middle class.
  • That students deserve a good education without having to be buried in debt.
  • That we need to protect Social Security and other programs so seniors can retire with dignity.
  • Immigration has made this country strong and immigration reform needs to happen now, not later.
  • Equal pay for equal work and a woman’s decisions to be her own when it comes to her own body.
  • Equal means equal in marriage and in the work place.
  • America should not sign trade deals in secret and any deal should be shown in public before voted on.

Her last declaration was a promise. Warren stated that “corporations are not people and WE WILL OVERTURN CITIZENS UNITED!”

After each line Warren repeated the refrain, “and we’re willing to fight for it!”

In the end, she asked California democrats if they were willing to fight for it too. Based on the boisterous cheers from the crowd, I would say they are.

Check out the rowdy finish to her speech HERE:

Watch her full dynamic and rousing speech HERE:

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