WATCH: Elizabeth Warren And 5,000 Democratic Leaders Have A Special Message For Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

On the same day Hillary Clinton announces her Presidential bid, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee released a video response letting her know that Americans are “ready for boldness.”

A special statement at was signed by Elizabeth Warren, Harry Reid, and over 5,000 democratic leaders, saying exactly what they wanted from their presidential candidate. For the full list of elected officials, you can go to their website and search by state.

In the statement, they urge Hillary to campaign on “big, bold ideas” such as:

  1. Establishing  the goal of debt-free college at all public colleges and universities.
  2. Expanding Social Security benefits instead of cutting them.
  3.  Creating millions of clean-energy jobs.
  4.  Reducing big-money influence in politics.
  5. Breaking up the “too big to fail” Wall Street banks that crashed our economy.
  6.  Ensuring working families share in the economic growth they help create.

This is what the Democratic Party stands for. They are wanting to make sure Hillary gets the message. Even Hillary’s own campaign manager when she ran for Senate in 2000, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, wouldn’t give her a full endorsement until she laid out her vision for the country, which some have feared to be too centrist, and doesn’t take into account progressive issues that Elizabeth Warren has helped champion:

I think, like a lot of people in this country, I want to see a vision. And, again, that would be true of candidates on all levels. It’s time to see a clear, bold vision for progressive economic change.

Watch the Democratic Party’s message to Hillary Clinton: 

H/T: Bold Progressives | Featured Image: Sign The Statement

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