WATCH: Doubling Down On ‘If There Was No FOX News, We’d Be Cuba,’ Carson Just Can’t Shut Up (VIDEO)

Last year Ben Carson, the “Sleepy” in the GOP top 7 Dwarves, actually said this “without Fox News, we’d be Cuba.” When asked to clarify his comment on CNN Friday, he forgets he is on national television and simply calls the host stupid for not “getting it” and claims that the host (formerly of FOX news) is “sensationalizing” his comment.

Either Ben Carson needs meds, doesn’t even realize Cuba is a Communist country, or doesn’t understand English very well. “They just want to create a narrative, that some things are good and some things are bad,” says Carson about other news outlets, and continues to claim that FOX news was the ONLY non-partisan news outlet in 2014. Seriously, he said it. Not only that but that “many Americans are stupid.”

Apparently he not only doesn’t know about Cuba, or Communism, or news, he doesn’t even know what “partisan” actually means.

Getting pissed off is not something that Carson is good at, but he tries, and in doing so calls the CNN host stupid for DIRECTLY QUOTING him. Seriously, I can’t even fathom the depth of the ignorant, imbecilic behavior of the GOP, but I thought they could. Ben Carson can’t even talk about his own words without blaming them on the person repeating them to him.

Here is the CNN news story, courtesy of YouTube:

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