WATCH: Donald Trump Whines About Losing 3 Months Early, Says Election ‘Is Gonna Be Rigged’

Amidst a new series of self-inflicted political wounds, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is now floating out the notion that should he lose the election in November it’s going to be because it was “rigged.”

During another one of Trump’s narcissistic Klan… I mean fan rallies, Trump went on one of his usual inane and nonsensical rants about nothing of great importance, when he suddenly blurted out:

I’m afraid the election’s gonna be rigged, I have to be honest.

Trump continued to complain on how the primaries were rigged against him and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). He then started bragging about his big numbers in states like New York and reasoned that if he doesn’t win by a landslide in November, then the election would be a sham.

Before he could expand upon his train of thought, something shiny caught his attention, and he veered off into another subject.

He continued, ‘I hear more and more that the election on November 8th, can you believe we’re almost here..’

Trump basically started to float a long winded conspiracy theory about how unfair the election will be before he got distracted by the involuntary reflex to stroke his flaccid ego. He then went back to blathering about his usual nonsense, but for a brief moment gave us a fascinating window.

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It’s almost entertaining to watch Trump crack under pressure week after week. There is a very popular train of thought out there that believes Trump is subconsciously trying to lose the election. While that may seem like a crazy theory, it gains more and more credibility every week Trump opens his mouth.

However, like most of the things Trump says, this could also carry real consequence beyond his selfish goals. Should one or more mentally disturbed Trump supporters take his prophecy to heart, they may be moved to commit violence before or after the election. It’s sad to even consider attributing that much power to a man like Trump, but when supporters create worship videos like the one below, it’s time to worry.

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Featured image via YouTube.

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