Watch Donald Trump Say ‘China’ Non-Stop In This Funny Mashup (VIDEO)

Donald “Jacka$$” Trump is doing his best to alienate major voting demographics and offer nothing but oversimplified bumper sticker solutions to otherwise serious issues. But as much as the Donald loves to trash illegal immigrants as being a rapey lot, he loves referencing China as much as possible, too. Since exploiting low information voters (previously known as morons) is as easy as spearfishing out of a barrel, Trump somehow manages to get xenophobic working class whites behind him–brazenly ignoring  the fact that billionaires like him are the ones who sent our jobs to China.

In fact, it took David Letterman to point out the fact that his own crappy ties were made in China right as he was babbling about American-made products. Encapsulating Trump’s ever-so scintillating insights on China,  the Huffington Post made an excellent mashup that shows Trump saying “China” a ridiculously redundant  234 separate times.

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