Watch Donald Trump Put His Foot So Far Into His Mouth That It Comes Out The Other Side (VIDEO)

Donald Trump was in Tampa, Florida, on Wednesday to give a speech about new allegations against Hillary Clinton’s actions while she was Secretary of State. An Associated Press investigation alleged that Clinton gave preferential treatment to donors to her charity, a contention that her campaign and many of the facts suggest isn’t true. Not one to let the moment pass him by, however, Trump quickly changed his talking points to reflect this new scandal. However, thanks to a telling flub, Trump’s uppercut missed Clinton completely and landed squarely on his own jaw.

Things only got more awkward from there.

During the rally, Trump was plodding along well-worn territory regarding Clinton’s email “scandal” when he accidentally Freudian slipped all over himself.

“Hillary Clinton created an illegal private email server – deliberately, willfully, and with total premedication, premeditation.”

Rather than let it go, Trump went off-script to riff on the “premedication” gaff.

“Could be the first way was right, actually. You know, I might like the first way better. Premedication. Premedication, I think I like it. Alright. Premedication. I love that!”

Trump’s advisers were probably visibly cringing. Yet again, Trump managed to take an opportunity to hit at Clinton and botch it so spectacularly that nobody will remember anything but his massive fail. What’s more, his riff on “premedication” only further highlights his disgusting obsession with conspiracy theories found on fringe-right websites alleging Hillary Clinton has health issues.

It reinforces the idea that many Americans already believe that Donald Trump is not a serious candidate, not a moral human being, has no impulse control and – quite possibly – a complete moron. By dabbling in these conspiracies, Trump and his surrogates have reinforced these ideas. It’s having an effect. Polls that find 67 percent of Americans say Trump doesn’t have the temperament to be president. Just letting him talk proves that is the case again and again.

No wonder most of Hillary Clinton’s “attack” ads so far have merely used Trump’s own words verbatim. He just gave her another freebie.

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