Watch Donald Trump Parodied In Game Of Thrones Mash-Up (VIDEO)

For those of us with more than two functioning brain cells, a Trump presidency is the greatest threat to western civilization since the Bubonic plague. But in case you wondering what the seven kingdoms in Game Of Thrones would be like with Donald Trump at the helm, the internet has created a terrifying example.

One videomaker ingeniously  superimposed The Donald into a series of notable scenes from the wildly popular HBO Game of Thrones series. The description of the video goes as follows:

With a Valyrian steel sword named Deal-Maker, Donald Trump embarks on a quest through Westeros to take care its border policies.

The mash-up begins with a churlish Donald Trump rejecting Khaleesi entry into  Qarth as he rants about constructing a huuugge wall. Obviously, this part is playing off of the Donald’s bizarre belief that Mexicans are trying to infiltrate America with their rapey ways. We then see a whole slew of Trump injected into a series of key moments from the show. And you thought Stannis Baratheon was a massive d*ck. Perhaps only the Wildfire, the volatile liquid which is created and controlled by the Alchemists’ Guild in the series, can stop Trump from destroying America from within.

Watch Donald Trump Parodied In Game Of Thrones Mashup Below:


Featured image via screen capture

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