WATCH: Donald Trump Messed With The Wrong Mofo When He Took On Samuel L Jackson (VIDEO)

Samuel L Jackson recently tossed Jimmy Kimmel a few moments of his time to lend his iconic voice and attitude to a segment that ended with a slam to Donald Trump. Then, in an interview with Rhapsody Magazine, Jackson said Trump was more “PT Barnum” than politician, adding that after golfing with the Donald he had received a bill from Trump’s golf club, even though he’s not a member.

In Trump’s world, that kind of thing will automatically land you on the “People who deserve to be insulted on Twitter” list. Trump’s response was typical schoolyard bullying, calling Jackson names and engaging in a whole lot of “nuh-uh.”

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Jackson reesponded by putting the bill on his Instagram account and reminding Trump of how horrible a golfer he is during an appearance with Seth Myers. Apparently the Donald’s memories were shaken loose, since he decided to tweet this:

It’s amazing how incredibly childish thisa asshat truly is. Jackson reminded him of a Trump ball they all watched slice off into a lake that his caddy miraculously “found” without getting wet. Suddenly not only does Trump remeber Jackson, he knows him well enough to toss out a “nuh uh, you did.”

Of course for the Donald, one tweet is never enough:

Jackson obviously couldn’t care less what Trump thinks of him or his golf swing, but he did have a mighty fine time on Seth Myers’ show tearing him to pieces after he found out that he was officially in a Trump-induced feud of some sort:

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