Watch Donald Trump Get Shut Down By Chris Wallace And Not Even Know It (VIDEO)


I find it pretty ironic that Donald Trump, a man who has never taken responsibility for anything in his life, is the frontrunner for the GOP, a party that claims to be the party of accountability. Over the past 9 months of his campaign, Trump has said a multitude of hateful, bombastic, and outrageous things, all of which he claims were either taken out of context or asked in an unfair way to make his answers seem erratic or totally uninformed.

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If there is one thing we have learned about Trump, and the constant controversy that surrounds his campaign, it’s that no matter how bad Trump does in the polls, in Trump’s mind he is always winning.

This week, on Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace asked Trump about his horrible week in the press and his declining poll numbers. He then went on to ask Trump point blank “Are you in the process of blowing your campaign for president?”, a question Trump quickly spun in his favor, claiming the recent outrage over his comments about abortions would only work to raise his poll numbers and not damage his campaign. Trump then tried to justify his week of multiple contradictory statements about abortion by saying,

Look, it was asked as a hypothetical, and talked about if it’s illegal and it was hypothetically asked, a very strong conservative group would have said that was the appropriate answer. I’m not saying it was the appropriate answer, I say it’s the doctor’s fault or whoever performs the act, it’s their fault.

Whether it is arrogance, optimism, or pure delusion that keeps Trump wickedly grinning in the face of such an obvious decline in his popularity can never be known, but the fact that Trump has made it this far in a presidential race that could very well define American politics for generations to come, is a sad commentary on our corporate-owned media and broken political system.


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