Watch The Dirty Iraq Confessions From The Only Honest Man In The Evil Bush Cabal (VIDEO)

If there was any silver lining in the eight solid years of Dante’s eighth circle of hell that was the Bush Administration, it was learning how to NOT conduct foreign policy.  And while each and every single one of the Bush administration were odious demon spawn, there were a couple of decent people outside the inner cabinet of evil cyborgs.

Retired general and former chief of staff to Colin Powell, Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, is known for his surprising candor and strong moral compass. He’s previously called out all the chicken-sh*t hawks for demanding war all the time, even suggesting that they have their own kids fight.

Well, his brutal honesty and blunt talk took an interesting turn during a recent interview for the Young Turks.

Not holding anything back, Colonel Wilkerson thoroughly described how his former boss, Colin Powell, was completely sandbagged by Bush officials and then CIA Director George Tenet. In great detail, he described a hostile situation in which Colin Powell was furious after Tenet forced him to discuss the non-existent connection between al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein.

Wilkerson on Powell:

I am so sick and tired of all this bullsh*t about terrorism and contact with Saddam Hussein, said an irate Powell.  It wont stand up! It stinks!

Thirteen years later and we are still picking up the heaping piles of elephant dung in Iraq. Worse yet, we are now facing an even greater and emboldened enemy in ISIL, something of which Wilkerson also discussed.

Watch the eye-popping interview below:

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