WATCH: Did You Actually Hear The New Likely Speaker Of The House SPEAK? Get A Load Of This Guy (VIDEO)

Kevin McCarthy is poised to become the new Speaker of the House, with the resignation of the Ohio Ooompa Loompa, John Boehner. Everyone has been talking about how much of a shoe-in this guy is for the position as speaker, despite the fact he has had no real accomplishments or public exposure as of yet. If you are wondering who this guy is, you aren’t alone. I was unaware he existed until recently as well.

Despite the positive press for Kevin McCarthy, he has a pretty big liability as a prospective Speaker of the House. The problem is that he doesn’t seem to be able to actually speak properly.

This guy makes George W Bush sound like Patrick Stewart narrating Shakespeare. Rachel Maddow did a bit of a mashup video of his recent public speaking snippets, and seriously you have got to watch and listen. There ARE subtitles too, in case they are needed. They aren’t necessarily there because he is hard to hear, but more because he is literally so bad at speaking you end up questioning yourself if you are misunderstanding him.

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This is probably going to be the new Republican Speaker of the House. Lets let that sink in.


I don’t know what it is about Republicans and being unable to speak english properly, but they sure do have some nerve complaining about immigrants speaking the freakin’ language when they put up people like THIS to be second in line to the presidency.
Featured Image: Daily Motion Screen Capture
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