WATCH: Democratic War Hero DESTROYS Fox’s Position On Syrian Refugees (VIDEO)

Congressman Seth Moulton (D-MA) is a decorated war hero who knows what it’s like to fight Islamic terrorists, because he fought them while serving in Iraq. He, like most Democrats, will not vote for a bill that “pauses” resettlement of Syrian refugees. He appeared on Fox Business with Stuart Varney, and the exchange got considerably heated when Varney started pressing him about how we’re supposed to know who’s a refugee and who’s a terrorist.

Varney is peddling fear and paranoia, which Republicans thrive on. It’s gotten even more popular in the wake of the attacks in Paris, and they might step it up now that there’s been an attack in Bali, too. Varney wanted to know if we’d be increasing our population, and risking American lives, just on behalf of Moulton. Moulton, who actually understands what could happen if we start treating Muslims badly, said:

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No no no. We not taking it on our behalf. We’re trying to make America safer. We’re trying to make it harder for ISIS to recruit here, because that’s what they do. They didn’t just send refugees into Paris for attacks. They recruited people in Paris.

He went on to say:

What radicalizes [Muslims in the U.S.] is saying they are different. That is exactly what ISIS wants, that’s what they need as a propaganda tool to radicalize.

Varney wasn’t having it, of course, because it doesn’t fit with his narrative. He behaved like a little kid, as though he thought that if he just raised his voice enough, and interrupted Moulton enough, he’d win the argument. He lost it badly because the facts are not on his side.

Moulton is right. Everything that the Republicans want us to do in response to ISIS is going to bolster their recruiting efforts here. Donald Trump’s plan will, Ben Carson’s plan will, throwing them into internment camps will, stopping refugees from coming here will. The worse we are to Muslims, the less safe we will be here.

Watch the video below:


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